by Jakob Greenfeld


The modern way to sell your expertise, research, and data.

Landing page + Airtable + Gumroad = 💜

What is Lagstack

  • The first point of contact is a landing page which typically contains an embedded Airtable database that gives a sneak-peak of what's being offered.
  • Interested visitors can then purchase access via Gumroad.
  • After the purchase, customers get access to the complete Airtable database.

Lagstack-Powered Projects

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Why Lagstack

So many possibilities. The easiest way to build and ship a digital product without code.

Ben Tossel - founder of Maker Pad

ben tossel

The potential is limitless. I love it.

Max Mirho - host of EntrepreNerd


The combination is magical.

Jakob Greenfeld - creator of this site

jakob greenfeld

Quick to set up. Beautiful to look at. What's not to love?

Bryan Ho - founder of Startup Illustrated

bryan ho

Anything goes.

Your Options


Who should consider using the Lagstack?

For almost all research-as-a-service products, the Lagstack is a perfect starting point.

If the product is a huge success it's still easily possible to build a more sophisticated interface and backend later.

Do I need programming skills?

No. For example, the combination Carrd + Airtable + Gumroad requires zero coding skills.

How can I sell my product on a Carrd landing page?

Carrd has a specific Gumroad widget. The exact steps are described in this tutorial.

I don't want to build an extra landing page. Do I really need one?

If you're selling on Gumroad, you can use the product page as your landing page. The design, however, is not that great and there aren't many customization options.

How does the access to the database link up with the payment?

You can either redirect customers directly to the Airtable after the purchase, send them an email with a link to it, or prepare or PDF or TXT document with the link.

All of these options work out of the box with Gumroad but require some Zapier magic if you're using Stripe.

Where can I find great HTML templates?

If you Google for "Tailwind CSS landing page templates" you'll find many great ones. I personally like this one and this one for Lagstack projects.

But of course, you can also use any CSS framework like Bulma or Bootstrap instead of Tailwind.